Convertible Top Repair Orlando













For over 30 years, Dickey’s Upholstery has been servicing the upholstery needs of customers in Florida, offering upholstery repair and restoration for cars, boats and commercial furnishings. A vital part of the service we’re able to offer to customers is convertible top repair in Orlando.

Convertible cars appeal to consumers for a variety of reasons. In addition to their sleek and sporty appearance, they’re the ideal car for Florida weather. Not only can you escape into the car to get out of the heat but during our stunning summer nights, driving with the top down means breathing in the rich Orlando air.

However, getting a rip or tear in your convertible top can mean that the appeal and practicality of the vehicle is lost instantly. That’s why, should a rip, tear, or blemish appear on your top, it’s essential to get it repaired as fast as possible. With 34 years’ experience, Dickey’s Upholstery can fix vinyl, leather and cloth. Whether yours is a small issue which requires a fast solution or a major problem for which a complete renovation is needed, Dickey’s Upholstery is your first choice for convertible top repair Orlando.

In addition to our expertise, we also pride ourselves on offering a courteous, friendly and fast service meaning that whatever the need for your convertible top repair Orlando, it will be done quickly and to the highest possible standard, allowing you to get back to the open road. Contact us today for your free quote!